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Everyone wants to retire happy but not everyone will. If you leave it up to chance you are risking your financial future and happiness in retirement. Learn how to take control of your retirement and let us guide you to creating a financially happy retirement.
We cover in the webinar & workshop:

✅Get a complete detailed retirement plan that gives you confidence with your retirement.

✅Know why retirement planning is more important today than 20 years ago.

✅For public employees understand the problems and future retirement risks with your retirement pension and why they are grossly underfunded.

✅Common retirement myths that cause you to fall short of your goals.

✅How to Identify potential market risk and what is eating at your retirement savings.

✅Understand Taxes and Social Security and what it means for you in retirement.

✅Social Security benefits for public sector employees and what you will not get that you might be planning on.

✅The rising cost of health care and what you can do to minimize out-of-pocket expenses when you are on Medicare.

✅Inflation and how it’s robbing your retirement.

✅How to Protect your retirement from life’s unexpected.

✅Strategies on how to free up money to increase your retirement savings.

✅Retirement analysis and tools to help you get on the right track.

What you will get:

✅Free copy of the eBook Retire Happy Planning Guide.

✅20-page Retirement Lifestyle Workbook to get your planning started.

✅Retirement savings Budget guide.

✅Complimentary retirement analysis report.

✅Access to work with a Financial Professional – a Retire Happy Guide.

👉We have a special topic discussion for Public Employees with a pension and Small Business Owners & Self-Employed individuals. There are things you need to know that can impact our retirement.

Who should attend:

    • Open to the general public for those interested in taking control of their retirement planning.
    • School teachers & Educators
    • Public Employees
    • Small Business Owners
    • Self-Employed Individuals
Ultimate Retirement Planning Guide