Reward Your Employees with a
Retire Happy Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learn
Invite us in for a Retire Happy Lunch & Learn. 

Our Retire Happy is fun and delivers important & valuable information that will empower your employees to take control of their retirement and plan to Retire Happy. 

  • Our Retire Happy topic is fun, important, and valuable. In this short presentation, we emphasize the importance of retirement planning while getting your team engaged about their retirement goals.
  • We provide a complimentary lunch for your team during the short 25-minute Retire Happy presentation.
  • No cost to you or your team.
  • Employees that are happy, confident, and secure in their future are more productive and loyal.
  • The presentation is conducted at your office. (conference room or meeting area)
  • Organizations and businesses love having us conduct a Retire Happy lunch & learn because it is informative, fun, and adds value.
  • Lunch & Learns are great for team building.
  • Promotes collaboration: A lunchtime team-building activity can help foster collaboration and build relationships among a team.

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