Don’t let the downturn in real estate destroy your real estate career. 
Real Estate Professionals, Check this out!

Don’t let the high-interest rates and slow real estate market impact your income.  Become a Retirement Income Specialist with Retire Happy Guide. 

  • Make great commissions like you enjoy in real estate.
  • No need to give up your real estate career – Do both.
  • The retirement market complements the real estate market.  Same prospects just a different product. 
  • Continue to build your network of people that will be your future real estate buyers and sellers.
  • Jumpstart your retirement business with your current network.  They all will retire someday!
There is a lack of retirement education and planning and our mission is to fix it so people can Retire Financially Happy.​
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, To become a retirement specialist with Bluerock Agency and our Retire Happy program requires you to obtain a life and health license.  The life and health license is easy to get and many people complete it within 30 days which is what we recommend.  It is much easier than getting a real estate license.  

These are approximate numbers and will vary depending on your resident state.

  • Online exam prep course: $100
  • Exam & Fingerprinting: $300
  • State Insurance License: $300

No. In fact, we recommend that you do both as the real estate market and retirement market complement each other.  There are many real estate agents today that hold a life and health license and do both.  

The retirement market offers the same six and seven-figure opportunities as the real estate market.  It’s based on your personal production.  The more you work it the more you make.

No! This can be 100% done from the comfort of your home office over Zoom.  We do recommend that in addition to the virtual appointments you work your local market conducting Retire Happy lunch & learns and community workshops giving you even more opportunities.  

No! Cold calling these days is not as effective as it once was.  We have multiple vendors that produce appointments for you that show up on your calendar.  The person that schedules the appointment will be waiting for you on Zoom and will know exactly what the meeting is about.  No bait switch marketing or lead tactics.  We are professionals and we target those that value our services. 

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to get licensed in multiple states which opens up the number of opportunities you’ll have.  Once you have your license it’s easy to get licensed in another state.  Just pay the license fee. No need to take the exam for each state.