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Thank you for becoming a client of BlueRock Agency. As a valued client, these valuable benefits and services are available to you.

  1. Complimentary retirement snapshot. Do you know what your retirement will look like when you retire? Do you know if you are on the right track? Would like you to discover ways to optimize your retirement? Then take advantage of private consultation and get a complementary retirement snapshot completed that will give you more clarity about your retirement. $950 value.
  2. Social Security Maximization Consultation – Social Security is more complex than many know. Knowing when the best time is to take Social Security is key to maximizing your Social Security Income and can play a key factor in minimizing your taxes in retirement. In this consultation, we analyze your Social Security and provide you with a report for you to determine and choose the best time to file for Social Security. $750 value.
  3. Complimentary access to the Retire Happy Retirement Planning course. This is the most comprehensive retirement course that will get you on track and focused so you can position yourself to retire happy. This course is ideal for anyone, from just getting started with saving, to getting set to retire or currently in retirement. $295 value.
  4. Complimentary access to the Retire Happy Retirement Income Protection course. In this course, we cover everything you need to know about how to protect your retirement from market risk and create a guaranteed lifetime income using annuity strategies that are used by the rich & wealthy. $295 value.
  5. Complimentary medical directives and power of attorney. Does your family know what your medical directive wishes are and have power of attorney? This is an attorney-drafted medical directive and power of attorney for your state. $250 value.
  6. Estate plan. Do you have an estate plan? If not, your assets, including your home could end up in probate court which is a long and expensive process for your family. Receive a $300 discount on the estate plan.
We specialize in helping our clients create a solid foundation to protect what’s important in life and business.  Other clients like you have found value in our other products and services to protect their family and/or business. 
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Annuities
  • Disability Insurance / Paycheck protection
  • Accident insurance for individuals and active families
  • Critical care – cancer, heart attack, stroke
  • Long Term Care
  • Medicare
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Business partner buy-sell agreement insurance
  • Key Person insurance
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